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PostSubject: RULES OF THE FORUM   Thu Jan 05, 2017 4:56 pm

Hello! These are the rules of the forum, so abide by them or else you'll be in trouble.


1. Please be respectful of all the users in the forum. We're all here to have fun.
2. Keep everything PG-13. No explicit sexual language is allowed, and try to keep the graphic violence to a minimum.
3. This is an English-speaking forum. You may write some phrases in other languages, but do not write full posts.
4. Post everything into a relevant forum, and have a relevant title. For example, don't make a post called "My new puppy" in the planning section. (artistic licence for a roleplay title is allowed)
5. Every new account must either post in the Introductions thread or the Character Applications thread before activation.
6. There will be a forum cleanup every month. You must post on the thread with your OOC account, and list all of the names of the characters you want to keep on the forums.

1. As said above, keep roleplays PG-13.
2. Keep OOC posts in the OOC forum. If you must make an OOC post in your roleplay thread, put it in brackets so the other person knows that it's OOC. (don't carry out full-on conversations about planning in the middle of your post. There's a planning section for a reason.)
3. No godmodding, or controlling other people's characters without consent. No one is truly invincible.
4. Do not make a decision that will greatly impact the plot without Overworld's permission.
5. Do not kill someone else's character without their consent.
6. Keep your roleplay content relevant to the topic of your roleplay forum. For example, do not write a post from the Water Queen's viewpoint while she's in her castle while you're roleplaying a Fire Territory raid on a dragon cave or something.


1. Please, PLEASE, do not make your character a full-on Mary Sue. Even if it's a parody, it's not allowed.
2. Dead characters can either be set for deletion or ascend to being an angel, demon, or grim reaper. If you want your character to become a grim reaper, you must get Overworld's permission.
3. The password is candycane. You need this to create a character, and it will update every time a new rule is added.
4. No character is born as a witch. A witch must take your character on as an apprentice if you wish to have a witch character. Witch apprentice applications are located in the Planning forum.
5. There are some loose guidelines for character appearances in the Elementals roleplay depending on their province of origin.
6. The system we use is that each character requires their own account. If you don't have enough emails to make as many as you need, then either delete one of your characters, make another email, or tone it down a bit with the character creation.

( still wip )
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